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John Stewart

No need to get spun out over your tires

Some people wonder why we don’t just throw on the spare every time. Think about it. By putting on your spare, you’re basically using your safety net. You should try to fix the main tire first. Unless it’s damaged severely, you should be able to use it again. And you’ll still have the spare as a back up.


If you immediately throw on the spare, you’re left with no other options. You have to hope that the spare will carry through the remainder of the course, or you head for home.

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John Stewart

Mendocino NF Motor Vehicle Use Map is Now Available

Motor Vehicle Use Map is Now Available

Willows, CA. August 15, 2008 - With only a few months left before rain and winter weather returns, it's a great time to visit and recreate on the Mendocino National Forest in northern California. The Forest now has a new Motor Vehicle Use Map available, highlighting the roads and trails designated for vehicle use when visiting the National Forest.

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John Stewart

Tire Problems Shouldn't Deflate Your Day


 You usually can reset the bead without removing the wheel from the vehicle. Jack up your vehicle and wipe away any dirt from the inside of the rim. Attach a compressor and begin airing up. Reach around the back of the tire and grab rubber. (You may need a buddy to help with this.) Pull the tire toward you so it can start holding air. Keep pulling and holding until the bead resets.
You don’t need a big blast of air to do this. A little ARB compressor, pumping out about 1.27 CFM, is sufficient. Be patient. This will take time, but eventually you will hear the bead pop into place. (Make sure no one’s fingers are in the way!) Lower the vehicle and put away your tools.

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John Stewart

HUMMER Sweeps Production Classes at 2008 BITD

  • H3 Alpha first production vehicle to finish the race
  • Team extends series championship points lead in all production classes
  • Team driver Emily Miller becomes first Vegas to Reno “Iron Woman”

DETROIT – Rod Hall Racing’s Team HUMMER demonstrated its stock class desert racing dominance as the team swept the production classes at Friday’s 2008 Best in the Desert “TSCO Vegas to Reno.”

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John Stewart

EarthRoamer XV-JP first Camper to Cross the Rubicon

EarthRoamer XV-JP first Camper to Cross the Rubicon

On September 5th, 2007, an EarthRoamer XV-JP became the first camper to successfully complete the Rubicon Trail. (see photos here) One of the most difficult and definitely the most well known 4x4 trail in the United States, the Rubicon Trail in the California High Sierras is a proving ground like no other. Twenty two miles of extreme terrain including rocky climbs with massive boulders, narrow passages, steep inclines and an occasional mud-hole - crossing the Rubicon is truly a journey past the point of no return, demanding everything a vehicle and driver has to offer. Driven by Scott Brady and spotted by Chris Marzonie, The Jeep Rubicon Unlimited based EarthRoamer XV-JP did not disappoint on its namesake trail. With its aggressive 33" mud terrain tires, ultra low 5.13 gearing, locking differentials and stout skid plates, the EarthRoamer XV-JP camper has gone where no camper has gone before. This is the first time a self-contained, fully enclosed production camper has conquered the Rubicon.

Vehicle testing – which has taken the XV-JP proto-type from its home base in the mountains of Colorado through the jungles of Central America, the deserts of Moab Utah, and now the Rubicon trail – is complete and XV-JP production has begun.

Source: EarthRoamer


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